Its starting to look like a shed!

Another busy weekend, but time to fit in a couple of hours at the lottie working on the shed

Main aim this weekend was to try to start fastening the base together, pull out the back corner and fasten the wall down and together, get the outside of it latted and then get it pushed back into the corner where it will stay

I got part way through what I wanted to do, which isn’t bad, main time was taken up trying to make sure the pallets were straight and fastened together properly

Here you can see where I’ve started to put the boards on the outside of the main end, here it will be pushed back up against the paving slabs so it needs doing before anything else or else i wont be able to reach it later

These boards wont be used on the rest of the outside, these were going to be used elsewhere but for speed its been easy to add them on without having to break up several pallets first to get this far

Definately looks more like a shed now

Aswell as work on the shed, we also managed to fill up the gap in the fence where the rabbits have previously been able to get in, and also rotorvate most of the bottom tier

Quick panoramic shot


Reuse – Reduce – Recycle!

How much!!!!

Had a quick search on the tinterweb before work, had a look at Gumtree for some bits and pieces I’m after for the allotment, and decided to have a look at ‘sheds’ and see what sort of costs they currently were. Even for an 8×4 bog standard shed, the price was still £250, and that’s second hand.

Thought I’d dig a lil further, and see how much it would cost for a 10×19 shed (or near enough as that’s the size I have) and I nearly fell off my chair! £1235… plus delivery.. and Id still have to build it! Lol

Bearing in mind my costs to date are £43, I’m definitely onto a winner here like! Lol

Foundations are finished!

The aim on Sunday was to finish the foundations on the Pallet shed, mainly as they were taking quite a bit longer than I though to sort out, but with paving slabs now all the way along the base, its flat, and very strong underneath, so with that sorted, and my stack of pallets from J.W Pallets, it was time to get everything back down for a trial run

EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

So, the foundations are down and finished, time to get on with the mock-up.

First thing to do was to get the base back down, referring back to one of the original pictures we took, we managed to get everything back down in the correct place, but due to changing how we were going to fit the pallets to the base, we had to drop the base size down slightly so we can fit the pallets round the outside to give it more stability

Once the base was down, now to check the walls. We stood pallets on their ends all the way round, leaving a space for the door and adding the internal walls just so we can see where everything fits. Now that the pallets I ordered have arrived, it’s quick and easy to put together, and I have enough of one size for the build .

We will be putting some anchoring points in each of the corners, a length of 2×4 which will be cemented into the ground and then attached to the walls, and then also an additional one which will be used as one side of the door frame to give it extra strength

The windows were planned and where they will going, and also how the door and frame is going to go in.

Next visit will consist of trimming down the base, anchoring it altogether and then starting to fix the walls to the base and getting the corner posts in, it’s now starting to take shape 

Why spend money when you can recycle!

Saturday was a busy day, had some bits and pieces to sort out in the house ready for Virgin Media coming to install TV, Broadband and telephone, this meant no spare time to get up to the allotment to work on the Pallet shed.

But, does that mean the ideas stop?

Virgin was all sorted within a couple of hours, but that left me with a problem

The bargain £70 Sony Bravia tv that I picked up didn’t have a tv stand, so nowhere to put the box, and I didn’t want wires everywhere and a box sat on top of the dresser in the bedroom, so then came the idea. A pallet tv stand 🙂

So, a pallet was selected, something that was going to be big enough without having to mess about with the supports

It was then trimmed down and I also added an additional support across the top (I left the odd staggering on the front as I thought it looked nice and most of the support I needed was at the back anyway)

It was then sanded down, at this point if you wanted to you could either stain or paint the pallet to your desired choice

and there we have it, a pallet tv stand, only cost me the price of 2 nails as I reused a couple that I took out when dismantling the pallet

Job done 🙂

We have pallets!

Massive thankyou to Bill at J W Pallets – 07817088171

We have had a delivery last night of 39 pallets, and another 40 or so to come over the weekend

Great set of cement pallets at 1000 x 800 wide and strengthened and these will be perfect for the build.

Had a good chat with Bill, seems he may have caught the pallet building bug and he might be having a few ideas for creating an outside playhouse for his daughter 🙂

If anyone needs any pallets, give him a bell and tell him I sent you and I’m sure he’ll be able to get you sorted out 🙂